AI systems can detect patient race, creating new opportunities to perpetuate health disparities – Emory News Center

Can pcs Work out your race by Taking A look at your wrist bones or lungs? Sure, Based mostly on a research revealed this month by The distinguished scientific journal, The Lancet Digital Well being. That’s not The complete story, although: The huger problem is evaluationers don’t Understand how the machines do it.

The findings come after months Of labor by a group of specialists in radiology and pc science led by Judy W. Gichoya, MD, assistant professor and director of the Well beingcare Improvements and Translational Informatics Lab in Emory College School Of medicine’s Dehalfment of Radiology and Imaging Sciences. Further Emory evaluationers embrace Hari Trivedi, MD, assistant professor of radiology and imaging sciences, Ananth Bhimireddy, MS, methods Computer software engineer and pc science scholar Zachary Zaiman. The group additionally embraces colleagues from Georgia Tech, MIT, Stanford, Indiana College-Perdue College and Arizona State, plus specialists in Canada, Taiwan and Australia.

The group used huge-scale medical imaging datasets from each Private and non-private sources, datasets with hundreds of chest x-rays, chest CT scans, mammograms, hand x-rays and spinal x-rays from racially numerous affected person populations.

They found that regular deep researching fashions — pc fashions developed To assist velocity The obligation of researching and detecting factors like fractures in bones and pneumonia in lungs — might predict with startling accuracy the self-reported race of a affected person from a radiologic picture, regardless of the picture having no affected person information Associated to …….


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New ‘digital masks’ touted as means of protecting patient privacy – Healthcare Finance News

Photo: Al David Sacks/Getty Images

Technologists writing in the journal Nature have created a digital “mask,” dubbed the DM, which they say offers a pragmatic approach to safeguarding patient privacy in electronic health records and during virtual healthcare visits.

There appear to be clinical benefits to the DM as well.

The technology is based on real-time 3D reconstructio…….


State Rules Stymie Patient Access to Care at Opioid Treatment Centers –

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Top Ranked for Quality & Patient Safety – NYU Langone Health

NYU Langone Health has the highest quality of care and patient safety rankings of any healthcare organization in the country. Each day, we ensure that we are delivering the best in all aspects of care across our hospitals and health system. Our exceptional quality and safety standards have made us the top-rated healthcare system in the New York City area and placed us among the top-ranked …….


COVID-19 rehabilitation patient leaflet hugely popular – World Health Organization

Recognizing early that rehabilitation would be essential for many in their recovery from COVID-19 infection, WHO/Europe quickly convened experts and people recovering from COVID-19 to produce the patient leaflet ‘Support for rehabilitation: self-management after COVID-19-related illness’. 

The resource provides evidence-based support and advice for adults who are recovering from COVI…….


Uninsured, Publicly Insured Patients Face Implicit Bias in Health –

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AI Brings New Opportunities for Patient Financial Navigation – Managed Healthcare Executive

The confusing, data-intensive world of getting help with medical bills has become a fertile territory for software developers.

When patients need help paying for high-cost medical treatment, they face a good news/bad news scenario.

The good news is that drugmakers, private foundations, government agencies and others have myriad programs that can help many if not all. The bad: Actual…….

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